Computer Recycling Services
 Of South Florida LLC.

Responsible Computer Disposal

Computer Recycling Fort Lauderdale 

   At Computer Recycling Services 

OF South Florida we are focused on

providing e-waste recycling service,

with the highest levels of customer

 satisfaction and data security in 

mind for no cost to the customer.

  In today's world nearly everything

 is accomplished with the aid of a

 computer - from small financial 

transactions to product research

 and development to recording

 personal medical health records. 

    What happens to all this

valuable and sensitive information 

that you have stored on these

 computers when they are recycled. 

 Who will have access to all your

 account numbers and passwords.


At Computer Recycling Services we

guarantee that any and all data &

information stored in the hard

drives of the  equipment that we

 process will be unrecoverable with 

our methods and process.

We will provide you with a dated

 itemized signed certificate of

 destruction or recycling that

 includes brand, model and serial

 numbers of equipment  date of 

destruction location and also the

 method used. 

 We take your personal security

 seriously and offer you peace of 

mind that your equipment will be

 recycled or destroyed responsibly

 along with any Data.


    Our principles have a combined

 forty plus years of experience in all

 areas of the Recycling Industry and

 understand the growing need for

 responsible recycling of e-waste,

 which by the way  is the fastest

 growing segment of waste that

 must be controlled.

 As new technology comes out on

 what seems a daily basis,

 Company's keep updating there

systems to keep up and there lays

the task of recycling the out dated

 & unwanted equipment.

 company that you can count on

 to dispose of your outdated unwant

ed computer equipment electronics

 in a hassle free environmentally 

friendly manner controlling the 

costs related to doing so.

Our services are no cost to the

 recycling company profits are made

 from the methods we adhere to

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle every day.

 Computer Recycling Services Of

 South Florida would like to be your

   We are a local business that

 appreciate and respect's your

 efforts and employees time and

 want you to refer us to your friends

 and associates. 

Most of our clients have been referred to us by a company that we have served in the past, fast efficient service is how we build our client base. We want you to be happy in every aspect of your e-waste recycling project so you also will refer us to your circle of friends and associates.

   Computer Recycling Services Of

 South Florida  your hassle free

 solution for all your e-waste 

recycling projects. We answer our

 phones live all the time no voice

mail and time wasting back and

forth e-mail's We keep it simple

and hassle free from your initial call

 to the last piece of equipment

 being put on the truck.

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