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Our Donate A Computer Program            " Helping People Help Themselves"

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Refurbished Computer Warehouse has a program that donates fully operational computers to Young  individuals that are in school, and for their current situation cannot obtain a personal computer for use at there residence.

We believe in giving back to the community and If we can help a few of those in need so be it.

To apply for a computer,

Send a hand written letter:

Addressed  to

 Computer Program 


1600 NW 34th Terrace 

Lauderhill FL 33311

In the letter let us know your name, age, school you attend, and teachers name. 

Also tell us what you will use the computer for and what software requirements 

that you will need on the computer, Ask your teacher she will have that information. A monitor & keyboard with mice are included.

We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

It is solely our decision of who gets the computers.

Limit of One computer to a household.

  Limit of (six) computers a month will be donated.


You will need to come to our warehouse with your parent or guardian,

to take your computer home for you in their vehicle No Bicycles No exceptions.

Make sure that he or she has a State issued photo I.D. to take your computer .

 We will not under any circumstances ship your computer using a shipping 

service or the USPS. 

You must be accompanied by your parent or guardian and have your school I.D.

 with you when you are picking up the computer, No exceptions to this 

requirement that we have put in place to avoid having any discrepancies and 

abusive activity.Good luck to all that apply.

We will notify you by mail if you will receive a computer.