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 Of South Florida LLC.

Responsible Computer Disposal


Hard drive destruction is the most important topic on our clients minds and it should be.


   While most recycling company's shy away from the

 topic,Computer Recycling Services Of South Florida

 meets it head on, and wants you to know  what our

policy's are regarding the data stored on your hard


   We view this as the most important service that


We provide to all our clients.(HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION

These are very difficult times that we are living in, With

all the social media information that's there for any

one to view and and that could be be reused.

  We all have to be careful and aware that there are

 many unscrupulous companies and individuals out

 there that we have to protect our information and

 data from falling into the wrong hands. 

Computer Recycling Services Of South Florida is well

 aware of this and we take protecting your information

 our number one priority service that we provide for all

 of our clients regardless of the size business they

 might be. One of our services we provide is onsite hard

 drive crushing destruction.


Our certified tech's will onsite, remove the hard drives

 from the equipment, Create a Hard Drive inventory

 sheet that details the make model size & and serial

number of each hard drive. The method that was used

 will also be recorded, dated and witnessed.



      For your records You will receive a copy of the 

information and a certificate of destruction will be sent

 to you. This service is mostly used/requested by

 law  firms,and professional firms to insure that

 there data and information can never be copied or 

reproduced in any form.

       For The company's that do not require onsite 

  destruction service's are no less important and the

 same procedures are taken, the only difference is that

we perform that service at our facility, you will also be

 sent a certificate of destruction for your records.



This is a bin of drilled hard drives that will be recycled.

 Check out our 

U-Tube Video on Hard Drive Drilling >>>>>>>