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*No Cost Pick Up Miami / Broward / Palm Beach*

Responsible Computer Disposal

Electronics Recycling Fort Lauderdale FL

  Our No Cost Pick Up Services are readily available for Any City / State / County or Federal Governmental Agency. 

  In addition any Commercial Business 

large or small located in the entire area of

South Florida area can be serviced within a short period of time Free Of Any Charge.

  We are also acknowledged by the

State of Florida Department Of The E.P.A.

Our Facility's # is FLR000217513 

 Having passed a compliance & hazardous

  waste inspection with flying colors in the

  Computer and Electronics Recycling

management area, as well as our firms 

recycling process we were Selected to be a recognized Florida Based  Computer &

Electronics e-waste Recycling company.

 Recycling with Computer Recycling Services makes good business sense.

Electronics Recycling Fort Lauderdale FL   

one of our company vans

We offer free pick up services  for any and all size business in the entire South Florida Area

Call (954)


floppy drives being recycled
electronics scraping
We have small medium and large size trucks to pick up from all siz business

    What you need to do to Schedule a Free Pick Up.

A simple phone call (954)368-4943 (954) 709-3888

or fill out our contact form.


   We need to know the amount of pieces of equipment

(as close as possible) So we know who and what size truck is needed.

Please have all the equipment ready to be picked up in the loading area or one spot if possible for easy removal.

  You do not have to worry, we will have with us all the dolly's and hand trucks to remove the equipment. Our uniformed friendly staff will do all the lifting and moving just point out to them what you want removed its as simple as that It is a Hassle Free process. 

large company moving its headquaters and recycling

  When you equipment arrives at our facility we will create a full inventory sheet. We dismantle all the equipment by hand using both powered and non powered hand tools.

100% of what we recycle will never make it to a land fill.

All commodities are separated and sorted and then sold to our recycling partners in the U.S.A.

All hard drives will be drilled using a power press and on your request, We will create a Certificate of Destruction or Recycling that will be e-mailed to you.

Computer & Electronics Recycling Fort Lauderdale FL 33311